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Saudi millionaire buries exclusive BMW M1 in the desert

Saudi billionaire Zaki Fath Attia has buried an exclusive 1971 BMW M1 in an undisclosed location in the desert, following divorce proceedings in which he had to give the car to his ex-wife, a model and influencer. The car is one of only…

How do you pronounce BMW?

What is the correct way to pronounce BMW in German, and how do you pronounce Porsche in German? We leave you with a video in which they make clear the pronunciation of these brands and many more in their original language.

One of the best chases in the history of cinema. Robert de Niro’s chase in Ronin

In recent times, we have become accustomed to seeing impossible, computer-generated chases in films, in which cars perform actions that are implausible to the spectator, and inexplicable to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of physics. The…
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BMW 325 4×4, the grandfather of the BMW X7

BMW has just unveiled its new flagship (never a better use of the word "flagship", as the new X7 is a generous 5.15 metres long), reminiscent of one of the first BMW SUVs, the military version of the BMW 325. This vehicle was requested by…
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Who is Herbert Quandt and were the owners of BMW Nazis?

Herbert Werner Quandt (22 June 1910 - 2 June 1982), was a German industrialist who was considered the saviour of BMW, and the most important person in BMW's history when it was bankrupt, making a great fortune in the process. But it was not…