BMW M3 E30, features of a champion

The BMW M3 E-30 is a sports car produced by Bavarian BMW based on the 1986 BMW 3 Series E30, the M3 was only available in coupe and convertible body styles.

The M3 E30 used the BMW S14 engine, the first version of the engine having 143 kW, upgraded in September 1989, and increasing power to 158 kW, 212 hp.

The sportier “Evolution” model (also called “EVO2”) introduced in 1988 with a 160 kW (220 hp) engine. Other changes include larger wheels (16 X 7.5 inches), thinner rear and side window glass, a lighter cigarette lighter cover, a deeper front diffuser and an additional rear spoiler.

A more powerful and lighter “Sport Evolution” model (sometimes referred to as “EVO3”) with a limited production of 600 units increased engine displacement to 2.5 litres. The engine with the larger displacement produced 175 kW; 235 hp (238 bhp).

Sport Evolution models have enlarged front bumper openings and a multi-position front splitter. Brake cooling ducts were installed in place of the front fog lamps. An additional 786 convertibles were also produced.


Changes to the m3 compared to the standard 3 Series 

The E30 M3 differed greatly from the other E30 models, although it used the same basic body shell as the standard E30, it was fitted with 12 different and unique body panels aimed at improving aerodynamics, as well as flared wheel arches at the front and rear to accommodate the wider and taller wheels and tyres. The only exterior body panels shared by the standard 3 Series and M3 were the bonnet, roof panel, sunroof and door panels.

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